The number of volunteers in the fire service is rapidly declining. Of the nearly 1.2 million firefighters in the United States, approximately 70% are volunteer. In the mid-1970’s, Pennsylvania had close to 300,000 volunteer firefighters. The current number is approximately 72,000, which is a drop greater than 75%. As many fire departments struggle to manage the decline in volunteers, the number of emergency calls is rapidly increasing.

To make sure there are volunteers around who can respond when you need help, Fire Chief Brad Johnston and Assistant Fire Chief Craig Lauer attended a Recruitment and Retention training program conducted by VFIS on March 28, 2018. The program, hosted at Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department, included round table discussions regarding recruiting, retaining volunteers, and what drives volunteers away who already serve. The program focused on research and new methods to increase fire department membership.

notes recruitment seminar 588x441 - Recruitment and Retention Seminar

West Mead 1 VFC is actively looking for new members who are willing to serve our community of West Mead Township. We provide the training and gear necessary, so whether you are brand new to the fire service or already have many years of experience, we can equip you for various tasks.

Contact us or talk to any West Mead 1 VFC member about how you can volunteer. No experience necessary… just a willingness to serve your community is all that is required.