South Meadville Station

West Mead #1’s first piece of apparatus was housed at Steere’s Dairy and then at Kebert Construction Company on US 322. In 1949 this building was constructed in South Meadville.

west mead 1 station - West Mead #1 Stations

Liberty Street Station

Property for the Liberty Street station was donated by the South Meadville Women’s Club. Building began in April, 1964.

new liberty st fire hall - West Mead #1 Stations

liberty st station 2014 - West Mead #1 Stations

Alden Street Station

Alden Street Station was built in 1958 to house a tanker and engine. The second station offset the limitations of older apparatus climbing Neason Hill from the southwest during emergency responses.

alden st station 11 1958 - West Mead #1 Stations

alden st station 2003 - West Mead #1 Stations

The Alden St station was replaced in 2003 with a new steel structure built behind the old station. When the new station was ready, the old building was demolished.

alden st new station nov 2003 - West Mead #1 Stations

New Alden Street Station at completion November 2003

alden st station 2013 - West Mead #1 Stations

Alden Street Station 2013