West Mead #1 purchased a 1948 International KB7 with a John Bean high pressure fog for $8,485. The new truck was stored at Kebert’s Garage until the first station was completed in November 1948.

The first West Mead #1 “tanker” was a 1938 Ford purchased from Talon Corporation and used to transport materials for construction of the department’s first fire station. When construction was completed, a tank and 100 gpm Gorman Rupp pump were added to make it a tank truck.

In 1954 a 1950 L-160 International truck was purchased from Paul Kebert for $700 to replace the original 1938 Ford. The Ford’s tank was moved to the International to make a new tank truck.

South Meadville Truck 3

Apparatus description courtesy of Jim Morneweck, former West Mead #1 fire chief:

That was Truck 3, the only real fire engine when I joined (1967). She was always stationed at Liberty Street. The old Dodge tanker sat beside her. The tanker was known as “Toby”. When we replaced Truck 3, she went down south somewhere to fight fires.

West Mead 1 Truck 11

Truck 11

West Mead 1 Truck 14

Truck 14

West Mead 1 "Old 28-13"

“Old 28-13,” replaced in 2010 by West Mead #1’s Sutphen Rescue Engine