Engine 28-11

Engine 28-11

28-11 is a 1994 Sutphen Custom Pumper. When purchased in 1994, 28-11 was the first engine of West Mead 1’s fleet capable of carrying a six-man crew in an enclosed cab. 28-11 is also our first engine constructed with an aluminum cab, pump module, and fire body. The unit is powered by a Detroit Series 40 Diesel engine (300 hp, 950 ft/lb torque) and utilizes an Allison MD3060 transmission. 28-11 is equipped with a 1,000 gallon water tank and a 1,500gpm Hale pump.

28-11 is equipped to establish water supplies to support 28-12 and 28-13. The engine is also equipped to act as an attack engine if one of the two lead engines is out of service or committed on another incident.

Equipment List

  • 4 SCBA with 45 minute cylinders and spare cylinders
  • 500gpm and 250gpm portable pumps
  • 45 Gallons Class B ATC/AFFF Foam
  • Chain Saw and Ice Auger
  • 30’ of 6” suction line
  • 20’ of 4” suction line
  • 35’, 14’, and 10’ ladders
  • 1050’ of 4” hose
  • 250’ of 3” hose
  • 400’ of 2 ½” hose
  • 450’ of 1 ¾” hose
Engine 28-12

Engine 28-12

28-12 is a 2001 Sutphen Rescue Engine. 28-12 is powered by a Detroit Series 60 Diesel engine (430 hp/1500 ft/lb torque) and uses an Allison HD4060 automatic transmission. The engine also utilizes a Jacobs engine brake and On-Spot tire chains. 28-12 was the first engine in West Mead 1’s fleet to have an air conditioned cab, rescue style body, PTO generator, and Class A foam system. The engine was also featured in Sutphen’s 2002 Calendar.

28-12 is equipped to operate as a first due engine for fires along with rescue equipment used in the extrication of patients involved in motor vehicle accidents. The engine is also the department’s cover unit and will respond to any of our mutual stations to stand by when needed.

Equipment List

  • 6 KW amps generator
  • Two 1,500-watt scene lights

  • FoamPro Class A foam system and 30 gallons of Class A concentrate

  • 5 SCBA with 45-minute cylinders and 8 spare 45-min cylinders

  • Class B Foam Eductor and nozzle (30 gal. of Class B ATC/AFFF foam)

  • 1500gpm Hale pump

  • 1,000 gallon water tank

  • Two 150’ 1 ¾” pre-connected lines

  • Two 200’ 2 ½” pre-connected lines

  • 1050’ of 4” supply hose

  • 24’, 14’, and 8’ ladders

  • 450’ spare 1 ¾” and 2 ½” hose

  • Smoke ejector and positive pressure fan

  • Holmatro Combi Tool and NCT 4050 cutter

  • 2 sawzalls

  • Chain come-along and rescue chains

  • Rescue struts and cribbing

  • Chain saw and K-12 saw

  • Medical equipment

  • Two 1,000-watt generators

  • Hand tools (irons, axes, hooks, brooms, and shovels)

Engine 28-13

Engine 28-13

28-13 is a 2010 Sutphen Rescue Engine. This engine which is the department’s third manufactured by Sutphen, was delivered in late October of 2010 and placed in-service mid November. With enhancements in safety, handling, ease of use, and equipment storage, 28-13 represents an engine that 20 years ago was just a dream for the members of West Mead #1. 28-13 is the first engine in our fleet to have an eight-man cab with a raised roof. The engine is also equipped with an 8kw-generator with all exterior lighting controlled from the driver’s seat. 28-13 has a rear-view camera that allows the driver to see the area directly behind the engine. Prior to this technology, the rear of the engine represented a significant blind spot to the driver. 28-13 has an onboard Class A foam system similar to 28-12, but has the additional capacity to run foam to the front bumper and rear blitz gun. By working with engineers at Sutphen, the unit was delivered with full-height, full-depth compartments. Because of this the engine is able to carry all of our current equipment with some space available for future growth. The members of West Mead 1 are very proud of their newest engine and expect it to serve our community for the next 30 years.

28-13 is equipped to respond as an attack engine to all fires within the township and surrounding areas. The engine is also equipped with the department’s rapid intervention equipment and will respond to several mutual aid departments when requested for RIT. When responding as RIT, the engine and its firefighters are focused on providing for the safety and well being of our fellow firefighters. The engine is also equipped with the department’s rope rescue equipment and additional vehicle rescue equipment.

Equipment List

  • 400 hp/1200 ft/lb of torque Cummins engine + Jacob’s engine brake
  • Allison 3000 series transmission

  • On Spot automatic tire chains

  • 8kw Generator

  • Scene lighting ( 2 – 1500 watt pole raised lights, 1 – 750 watt brow light, 2 LED scene lights)

  • LED warning lights

  • Rear vision camera

  • Seat belt monitoring system

  • 1500 gpm Hale pump

  • 1000 gallons water

  • 30 gallons class A foam ( FoamPro injection system)

  • 30 gallons class B foam (eductor and nozzle)

  • 3 – 150’ 1 ¾” preconnected lines

  • 2 – 200’ 2 ½” preconnected lines

  • Rope rescue (stokes basket, rigging, 4:1 haul system)

  • Vehicle rescue (cribbing, rescue struts, sawzalls, air chisel)

  • Holmatro hydraulic rescue (combi tool and ram)

  • 35’, 14’, 8’ ladders

  • 1000’ 4” supply hose

  • Smoke ejector and positive pressure fans

  • RIT PACK (60 minute cylinder)

  • 5 SCBA with 45-minute bottles, with 6 spare 45-minute cylinders

  • 2 1,000-watt portable generators

  • HazMat spill kit

  • Water rescue (PFDs and Throw Bag)

  • Hand tools (hooks, irons, pikes)

  • Rescue chains and come-along

  • Medical equipment

Squad 28-14

Squad 28-14

28-14 is a 2011 four-wheel-drive Ford F-450. The unit was built in cooperation with the Crawford County Office of Emergency Services and the Northwestern Pennsylvania Emergency Response Group. The rescue body for the truck was donated by Meadville Central Fire Department. With staffing from West Mead #1 and the Crawford County Office of Emergency Services, 28-14 assists with the towing of several specialized trailers located in Crawford County. 28-14 and any one of these trailers could be deployed anywhere across the state with very little notice when requested by local or state agencies.