At 2:15 AM West Mead 1 was dispatched with Meadville Ambulance with a motor vehicle accident on Liberty St Extension, reportedly over an embankment. Engines 28-13 and 28-12 responded to the scene, where a single vehicle had left the roadway and struck a nearby tree. Chief Brad Johnston reported heavy damage with one patient entrapped, and Meadville Ambulance placed air medical on standby. Paramedic Mike Simonette evaluated the patient and canceled air medical, and the coroner was requested. West Mead 1 crews stabilized the vehicle and used hydraulic tools and a chain come-along to extricate the patient, in coordination with the coroner and PA State Police.

Engine 28-13 provides scene lighting at a vehicle accident on Liberty St Extension

West Mead 1 extends our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.