At 9:03 PM West Mead 1 was requested to assist Cambridge Springs with a working fire on South Main Street. Engine 28-12 and Utility 28-14 responded to the scene, where other fire companies from Crawford and Erie Counties had already been engaged in a firefight for several hours involving a two-story mixed-occupancy brick structure. The defensive operation involved five aerial devices flowing master streams to prevent the fire’s spread to adjacent structures.
West Mead 2's 29-9 flows water at the structure fire in Cambridge SpringsWest Mead 1 firefighters stand by near the structure fire in Cambridge Springs

The demand for water overwhelmed the municipal water supply, and near midnight a tanker shuttle operation was implemented. Department 28 personnel assisted with setting up drop tanks on Venango Avenue in front of Cambridge’s fire station. 28-12 established one fill site on Grant Street near LORD Corporation, setting up to refill tankers from a dry hydrant drafting from French Creek. Department 28 filled tankers for 2.5 hours, including tankers from Albion, Cambridge Springs, Franklin Township, Hayfield, Hydetown, Perry Hi-Way, Platea, Randolph, and Saegertown.

28-12 drafting from a dry hydrant along French Creek near Grant StCrew from 28-12 refills tenders at a fill site at LORD CorporationPump panel of 28-12 during tanker fill operations

Other volunteer companies at the incident included Edinboro, Mill Village, Townville, Venango, Vernon Central, Vernon Township, West Mead 2, and Crawford County Scuba Team. Meadville Ambulance provided a standby medical crew, and the American Red Cross assisted residents displaced by the fire.

No injuries were reported, but at least one pet was missing.

All 28 units returned to service by 3:30 AM.