On April 16 West Mead 1 and 2 trained together on relay pumping along French Creek. Engines 28-11 and 29-2 set up on McHenry Street to draft from French Creek, and Engines 28-13 and 29-1 laid about 1000 feet of 4-inch supply hose between the drafting engines, the relay pumpers, and West Mead 2’s Tower 29-9. The tower was initially set up to flow water through a 1 ¼” master stream and a combination nozzle, then reconfigured with two smooth bore nozzles to flow 1200 gallons per minute. More experienced operators coached newer operators through multiple evolutions with obtaining a draft, charging supply lines, and bringing pumps up to pressure to supply the tower. The pumping relay required attention to managing pressures and coordinating water flow through radio communication.

Working with mutual aid companies builds teamwork and increases our awareness of the other’s capabilities and strengths. When we are called to respond together to an incident, the two West Mead fire companies will be better prepared to complete our mission—saving lives and property in the township.