At 3:49 AM West Mead #1 was dispatched as part of a second alarm to assist Meadville Central with a working structure fire on State Street. Chief Brad Johnston and Engine 28-12 responded to the scene, a two-story wood-frame residential duplex. By the time 28-12 arrived on scene, Meadville Central already had the fire under control, with damage mostly contained to the kitchen of one duplex unit. West Mead #1’s crew assisted with overhaul, scene lighting, and decontamination of personnel and equipment. With one Meadville Central engine committed during the police investigation, the West Mead #1 crew stood by at Alden Street station until released at 8:00 AM.

Other departments on scene included West Mead #2, Vernon Central, Saegertown, and Meadville Ambulance.

As reported by, one man was taken into police custody during the incident.