West Mead #1 spent Friday, October 10, with the students and staff of Neason Hill Elementary School. The day began with the school running a fire drill that included the response of 28-12 and 28-13. Following the drill the engines and firefighters were on display for the students to see and touch. Crews pulled a small trash line and students were given the opportunity to practice squirting water. Following the equipment demonstration and tours, the crews from both engines ate lunch with the students and prepared for the formal fire safety presentations. We conducted a K-3 program and a 4-6 program, each lasting about an hour long. Several of the Neason Hill staff members assisted us in developing our program by participating in videos showing stop, drop and roll along with practicing exit drills in the home.

Thank you, students, for being amazing listeners and to the staff of Neason Hill for allowing us to share this message with your students.