For the 9th time last week West Mead 1 firefighters were back at it, this time responding with 28-11, 12, 13, and 14 to a brush fire on Franklin Pike. Crews arrived to find a small area burning and began extinguishment with hand tools and Indian tanks from 28-12. Eventually, 28-13 was repositioned and crews deployed the front bumper line and a forestry line to complete overhaul of the scene. A small amount of class A foam was used to ensure complete extinguishment. 28-11 supplied water to 28-13 while 28-14 stood by with EMS personnel and helped to provide traffic control. Crews operated just over an hour before returning to quarters.

franklin pike brush fire handline 1024x768 - Brush Fire along Franklin Pike
franklin pike portable tanks 1024x768 - Brush Fire along Franklin Pike