Shortly after 6 pm Friday night, West Mead 1 and West Mead #2 Volunteer Fire Department along with West Mead Police and Meadville Ambulance were dispatched for a basement fire on Scarlet Avenue. Crawford County Department of Public Safety advised smoke was visible and a second alarm was requested adding Cochranton, East Mead, Meadville Central, Vernon Central, Vernon Township, and Saegertown to the incident. 28-12, 13, and 14 responded and arrived to find a single-family dwelling with light smoke showing. Upon investigation it was found that the fire was extinguished prior to our arrival, and the incident was scaled back to West Mead 1 and 2 along with the engine from Meadville Central. Crews completed overhaul and ventilation of the structure while squeezing in a fire engine tour to the homeowners’ children.

Engine 28-13's bumper line is deployed to a reported basement fire on Scarlet Ave