At 4:54 PM West Mead 1 was dispatched for a full assist to Cochranton for a trailer fire on Sugar Creek Lane. Engines 28-13, 28-12, and 28-11 responded, along with utility 28-14. While 28-13 and 28-12 responded to the scene, 28-11 and 28-14 were redirected to Cochranton’s station for standby. Crews from both engines assisted Cochranton with overhaul and ventilation, as the Dept 4 firefighters had brought the fire under control prior to our arrival. The trailer suffered extensive smoke damage, and fire damage to the furnace room and flooring, but no injuries were reported. As the incident wrapped up, 28-12 returned to Dept 4 briefly for standby. All units were in service by 7:20 PM.