At 5:45 AM West Mead 1 was tapped with other area volunteer fire companies to assist Cochranton VFD with a working fire near the Crawford County line. Engines 28-11, 28-12, and 28-13 responded on snow-covered roads to the scene, where Cochranton firefighters were protecting exposures around a well-involved machine shop. On arrival West Mead 1 was assigned to water supply, setting up two 500-gpm portable pumps to draft from a nearby pond and supplying Cochranton’s Tanker 4-25 through 200 feet of four-inch supply hose. 28 also sent six pack personnel to assist with fire suppression and overhaul.

Pond with two portable pumps set up to draft
two 500gpm portable pumps draft from a pond on County Line Road
28-11 operates at a shop fire in Cochranton's first due
28-11 with portable pump setup on County Line Road
Engines 28-12 and 28-13 on scene of a shop fire on County Line Road

Other companies dispatched to the incident included Cochranton, Utica, West Mead 2, Randolph, East Mead, Greenwood, Sandy Lake, Rocky Grove, Cooperstown, and Meadville Ambulance.

All 28 units returned to service by 9:21 AM.