At 10:30 PM West Mead 1 was tapped with West Mead 2, Saegertown, Vernon Central, and Meadville Ambulance to assist Meadville Central with a working house fire on Market St. Initial dispatch indicated multiple calls on the fire, and Meadville police reported a working fire.

On arrival Meadville Central firefighters found fire showing from the second story of a vacant single-family dwelling. They launched a transitional attack, sending water through an open window on the Charlie side, then took an uncharged hoseline to the interior stairway to search and continue fire suppression.

Engines 28-13 and 28-12 responded to the two-story residence on Market Street, arriving as Meadville Central completed a knock-down of the bulk of the fire. West Mead 1 firefighters assisted with extensive overhaul on the second floor, tracked crew accountability, set ladders, and helped with cleanup as operations ended. Engine 28-12 set up to supply water to West Mead 2’s Ladder 29-9, its first deployment on a working fire.

All 28 units returned to service by 1:30 PM.